Protect the Planet

How We Envision Volvo Sustainability in Palo Alto, CA

Sustainability is a message that Volvo endorses. Responding to the environment’s needs can, over time, lessen our overall impact on the planet. Here at Palo Alto Volvo, we stock the area with new Volvo models , including the eco-friendly Recharge line. You’ll be happy to hear about our efforts to lessen damage to the environment and overall commitment to sustainability as anyone. We are committed to ridding the planet of pollutants and growing Volvo as a brand for anyone who is self-sustainable. To learn more about our efforts, read on.

Omtanke: The Philosophy

Omtanke means “caring” and “consideration,” but also can mean “to think again.” This philosophy is built around the idea of caring for the customer but also the environment the customer is in. We build cars for our people, our tribe, and want to protect the sanctity of it. The innovative features of our fleet is one thing, but needs to be fostered if it’s to be effective. Omtanke pushes our customers to think about the environment and what is important in their lives when they drive a Volvo.


How Does the Online Shopper Program Work?


This was the start of Volvo’s complete line of plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars, including the first pure electric SUV: the XC40 Recharge.


Volvo’s goal is for 50% of cars sold to be pure electric, and the rest hybrids.


It’s a big commitment, but Volvo aspired to be climate-neutral across the full value chain.

Above is our plan for sustainability, one of the most ambitious climate plans in the automotive industry. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions per car by 40% between now and 2025. It's a first step — a tangible one — toward achieving the long-term goal of being a climate-neutral company by 2040. The growing number of electric cars in the Volvo fleet burgeons this fact, and shows the Volvo commitment to excellence. This is why Volvo extends their climate goals to include reducing tailpipe emissions through all-inclusive electrification — the aim is to have the entire Volvo lineup pure electric. This even extends to the manufacturing network, the Volvo brand's wider operations, supply chain and the approach to recycling and reuse of materials.

If you’d like to learn more about Volvo Cars’ sustainability efforts or if you’d like to test-drive one of our eco-friendly cars, stop by Palo Alto Volvo located at 4190 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306 , or contact us online. We proudly serve those from San Jose, Redwood City and Fremont, CA.