A vehicle that burns gasoline is maintaining a delicate balance of timed combustion and heat management. Your car's components and systems are all depending on your fuel being delivered on time and in the right amounts. Issues with a fuel system could be anything from performance difficulties due to fuel delivery or even a leak in the fuel lines. You may benefit from getting your fuel components cleaned of deposits. When you need fuel systems service by a professional team, you can count on Volvo Cars Palo Alto and our technicians.

What Is Volvo Fuel System Service?

When fuel is burned, it can leave deposits in the lines and other major components of the fuel delivery system, such as the fuel pump. A fuel system service involves using special chemicals to clean out any residue. During extensive servicing, any fuel system parts due for replacement will also be swapped out with a new version. For instance, fuel filters should be changed every 30,000 miles or so, though if your manual specifies a certain window to replace a part, always follow that information first.

How Often Should I Get Fuel System Service?

There isn't always a recommendation for when to get a fuel service done based on your make and model. It isn't like you need to replace a circulated fluid, like engine oil. However, if your vehicle has a recommendation on when to replace the fuel filter, you could use that appointment as an opportunity for a general fuel system cleaning and checking.

After thousands of gallons of gasoline are burned, even premium gasoline will leave deposits behind. The growing deposits in your system can put more stress on the fuel pump. This might cause performance issues, reduced efficiency, and possibly lead to more expensive services such as an early fuel pump replacement. To ensure you get this task done when you should, an easy policy is to have the fuel system checked every other time you change your oil.

Benefits of Fuel System Service

Your internal combustion engine needs fuel to work, so taking care of the fuel system is just as critical as looking after the engine itself. Three benefits of getting fuel system cleaning and servicing are:

Improved Performance

Your Volvo's engine will thank you after a proper fuel system cleaning, and other maintenance tasks, in the form of better driving. Our team at Volvo Cars Palo Alto ensures that your Volvo engine gets the cleanest, most optimal fuel delivery to the engine.

Increased Efficiency

One clear benefit of a fuel system service is to enhance the vehicle's fuel economy. Less gasoline needed to get around means more money in your pocket. The difference may be small to start, but it will grow significantly if you never get your Volvo's fuel system checked.

Healthier Engine

Some maintenance is considered vital to keep the combustion elements in proper condition and reduce the risk of engine failure. When you happen to be driving in extreme weather or similar burdens, having an engine in optimal condition will help protect you from the expensive consequences of a critical failure. Replacing an engine, or even just a blown gasket, can cost you much more than the occasional service appointment at Volvo Cars Palo Alto.

Fuel System Parts Replacement in Palo Alto

When we perform a complete fuel system service, part of our job is to replace any components that are too old or damaged to be worth cleaning and reinserting. This might include the fuel filter, injectors, or fuel pump. Whatever your Volvo needs, don't take it to just any independent mechanic or generic dealership. You'll get dependable service and unbeatable prices at a manufacturer-recognized dealership like Volvo Cars Palo Alto.

When Does My Volvo Need a New Fuel Pump?

Normally, you do not need to have your fuel pump replaced, but all components age over the years. Worn down injectors could cause misfiring or compromise fuel economy, while fuel pump issues are a common cause of improper fuel pressure. Rather than follow a set number of years or miles, it's best to know the signs that you need a new fuel pump or new adjacent parts:

  • Difficulty turning the ignition and labored starts.
  • Low fuel pressure, often felt as engine surging or stuttering.
  • Whining noise coming from the fuel tank.
  • Less responsive performance while towing.
  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Engine stalling at higher temperatures.

Get Fuel and Engine Service at Volvo Cars Palo Alto

It's important to be choosy about who works on your Volvo. Not only does the automaker create specialized vehicles and issue specific certifications, but many common auto service stores don't offer fuel system cleaning or other fuel system services. Others do, but not at every location, and the result can be a frustrating shopping experience. We have a better option: come on down to our service center and relax in our air-conditioned waiting area. Before you know it, you'll be back on the road with the peace of mind a Volvo owner deserves.

Volvo Cars Palo Alto uses only the highest quality cleaning solutions and tools to protect your Volvo's engine, fuel pump, injectors, and fuel lines. What's more, our team uses the latest computerized auto service equipment. If anything doesn't seem to be working quite right, we'll quickly diagnose any other potential issues and get them fixed. You can count on our service center for:

When you need to replace your fuel pump or get a system cleaning, the last thing anyone wants is another visit to fix a rookie mechanic's mistake. Volvo vehicles are extremely well made, but also quite unique in their design. Knowing that, why not choose the best-qualified experts to service your vehicle? Volvo Cars Palo Alto is proud to serve local Volvo drivers in need of service, repairs, and parts or accessory installation, all at lot with an unbeatable Volvo inventory.


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