Volvo Cars Palo Alto is home to legendary service and an elite offering of new Volvo vehicles. Customers visit us from all over California thanks to our outstanding reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction. We also have a vast selection of genuine OEM parts you can purchase for a DIY project or can have installed right in our service center. Read on to learn why Volvo Cars Palo Alto is a top resource for Volvo parts.

Exceptional Parts Department

Volvo Cars Palo Alto only offers the OEM replacement parts engineered exclusively for Volvo's leading-class safety systems. As an authorized dealer, your new Volvo Genuine Parts come with a lifetime warranty and can help maximize the time between your vehicle's service needs. Our dedicated parts experts can help you select the most appropriate parts for your specific needs. We can even help you install the parts in our service center if needed. Whatever parts you're looking for, you can trust that Volvo Cars Palo Alto has them.


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What are OEM parts?

OEM, which stands for original equipment manufacturer, are products that come directly from your vehicle's manufacturer. These products are brand new and made with the same materials and mastery as the original parts in your automobile.

In contrast to OEM parts, there are aftermarket parts created by third-party companies that don't come from the original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made to function similarly to OEM parts; however, it can be hard to determine if they consist of the same quality and functionality as OEM products. In most cases, choosing OEM parts over aftermarket parts is the safest option for maintaining your vehicle.

Benefits of Purchasing OEM Parts

There are several benefits to purchasing OEM parts over aftermarket products. OEM parts guarantee quality and functionality and allow you to get the performance you expect from your vehicle. This is because all OEM parts are thoroughly tested using rigorous manufacturer standards before they're available for purchase by vehicle dealerships and individuals. As a result, OEM parts ensure compatibility with your vehicle and are the highest-quality parts you can purchase to replace existing pieces in your Volvo.

Another important benefit of OEM parts is how long they last and how they impact your equipment's longevity. These parts are built to perform and abide by all factory specifications, ultimately increasing how long your equipment functions. This is because these parts are an exact match for your new or used Volvo as opposed to aftermarket parts, which are similar but not the same. As a result, OEM decreases the chances of premature wear and tear that some aftermarket parts can cause.

What's more, purchasing OEM parts connects you with a network through the manufacturer, which ensures your questions are answered by a qualified person familiar with the parts. You may also receive a warranty on OEM parts, with the minimum average warranty being one year. And, if your parts arrive defective, the manufacturer will typically take responsibility and send replacement parts free of cost.

OEM parts are the best option if you're looking to maintain your vehicle and reduce the number of mechanical issues it experiences. This can ultimately mean that you save money on service and parts in general, reducing how much time you spend at the dealership and how much you pay for your Volvo's upkeep overtime.

Common Types of Volvo Parts

Volvo Cars Palo Alto offers various OEM parts for Volvos, and if we don't have what you need, we will happily order it for you. Common parts we have in stock include:

Brake discs: Volvo brake discs can increase your vehicle's performance, provide increased braking capacity, and prevent brake failures. 

Brake pads: Volvo's brake pads are made for seamless interaction between the brake components and other Volvo parts. Using Volvo brake pads can ensure that the vehicle's safety systems perform correctly. 

Cabin filters: An OEM car filter can help ensure a healthy and clean driving experience. These parts feature a fine dust layer in addition to layers of active carbon that help remove dust, particles, pollen, and odor from incoming air in your vehicle. 

Engine air filters: Regularly replacing your Volvo's engine air filter can help keep your engine's differential pressure low and ensure only clean air is coming into the engine. This part can help improve performance, avoid costly repairs, and minimize fuel use by up to 4%. 

Oil filters: Genuine OEM oil filters assist in the maintenance of fuel economy and can help reduce exhaust emissions. They help stop dust, dirt, and particles from entering your engine, which can cause too much friction. 

Wiper blades: Volvo Genuine Wiper Blades are the only wiper blades on the market that are designed to optimize pressure distribution using higher graphite for increased wiping performance and visibility. Consider having these changed at least once a year for maximum performance. 

Tires: All vehicles need a tire replacement at some point during their lifespan, and replacing yours with Volvo Genuine Tires is the best bet for maximizing performance. These tires can help reduce noise levels, increase stability and steering, and improve your overall driving comfort. 

Windshields: If your windshield becomes damaged, consider replacing it with a Volvo Genuine Windshield. These windshields work with an estimated 20 advanced safety systems in and on your Volvo. It's important to have your new windshield installed at Volvo Cars Palo Alto to ensure it's replaced safely and accurately.

Order Parts at Volvo Cars of Palo Alto

Sometimes it can be tricky finding specific parts for your vehicle. Fear not! Here at Volvo Cars of Palo Alto, our team of parts professionals is ready to help drivers from Mountain View, CA to Redwood City, CA (and far beyond!) find the parts they're after. Whether you're sick and tired of scouring the internet for a single part, or you're looking to pass the job off to a team of professionals so you can save time, Volvo Cars of Palo Alto is ready to help!

The Volvo Cars of Palo Alto Parts Team

Ensuring that you get genuine OEM parts is important! Buying off-brand parts can sometimes lead to vehicle issues. With genuine OEM parts, drivers can find parts that have been vetted by certified manufacturers. Whether you know the exact parts your vehicle requires, or you have no idea which parts you need, Volvo Cars of Palo Alto can assist Sunnyvale drivers in finding just what their vehicle requires. Drivers can always schedule a service appointment to have our service team check out your vehicle to determine the best course of action for your parts needs. We're a one-stop-shop here at Volvo Cars of Palo Alto! Drivers can count on our team of professionals to provide friendly, efficient service!

Easily Schedule a Parts Appointment

If you need genuine OEM parts for your Volvo, we make it as easy as simply scheduling an appointment online. Our highly trained service center experts can help you select the most appropriate parts for your needs and assist in the installation process. Or, you can simply pick up your parts and take them home to install yourself.

We can't wait to help you find the parts you need for your Volvo. So stop by Volvo Cars Palo Alto today to speak with a friendly staff member and learn more about the genuine OEM parts we have to offer. If you have any questions, give us a call at (650) 815-4477.


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