New Volvo Hybrids in Palo Alto, CA

Volvo Hybrid Models Featured at Volvo Cars Palo Alto Near Menlo Park, CA

Ever innovating, Volvo Cars is an automaker whose collective talent speaks in the designs offered in the new Volvo inventory for sale at Volvo Cars Palo Alto.

And as dealership, Volvo Cars Palo Alto has cultivated a new Volvo inventory around certain select hybrid models for the whole of Mountain View to partake. By considering the desires and tastes of our Sunnyvale clientele, you're afforded choice as to the Volvo plug-in hybrid model meeting your fancy.

This alone furthers a Volvo Cars ideal to share with the world unrivalled safety standards and sustainability as seen in its hybrid designs -- all around.

Volvo Cars' Commitment to Sustainable Practices, Environmental Preservation

Essentially, Volvo Cars exhibits a sense of Northern European integrity. When Volvo plug-in hybrid models are designed and engineered, assembly takes place within production plants entirely powered through sustainable methods.

In placing action to words, this enables the Swedish automaker to effectively compete with other brands whose dedication to sustainable practices might seem too expensive, or otherwise non-committal.

By virtue of a Volvo Cars' goal of soon splitting all sales between plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, this aligns with national objectives too. The federal government offers a valuable tax credit worth thousands of dollars should you acquire any one of the following, highly demanded Volvo plug-in hybrid SUVs and sedans.

The benefits of Volvo plug-in hybrids also engender reduced maintenance and fuel costs, along with mileage unseen in simple fuel-fired vehicles.

Volvo XC60 Recharge SUV

This dynamic plug-in hybrid in three trims seats five comfortably amid a minimalistic cabin surfaced in leather. Up to 19-miles of pure-electric roaming will see a commute to Redwood City within this threshold entirely free of fuel. Combined driving operation affords up to an estimated 57 mpge. By working in harmony, the electric motor adds power to the fuel-fired engine.

Volvo XC90 Recharge SUV

As the largest Volvo luxury SUV, seating for up to seven is accomplished soundly. Up to 18-miles of pure-electric ranging delvers you to Mountain View fuel-free. The combined hybrid driving mode will provide an estimated 55 mpge. Volvo safety features within incorporate forward-collision avoidance, run-off road mitigation and lane-keeping assistance -- to name but a few of an all-encompassing suite. Advanced air filtration technology could be deemed essential for our part of the world when wildfires rage.

Volvo S60 Recharge Sedan

The Volvo hybrid luxury sedan line-up features the elegant Volvo S60 Recharge in four trims. As well, Volvo S60 Recharge extends a pure-electric radius of up to 22-miles. Combined fuel economy is rated to 69 mpge. Generated torque of 472lb.-ft. combined makes handling smooth and unencumbered. Acceleration has been timed from stillness to 60 mph in only 4.3-seconds. A driver head-up display mitigates distraction by screening speed, navigational instructions and incoming calls.

Volvo S90 Recharge Sedan

The appeal of a Volvo hybrid luxury sedan is the ability to charge the Volvo S90 Recharge overnight for an all-electric driving range comprising 21-miles. So, shoving off from Palo Alto may not require fuel while you stay within the pure-electric threshold. As well, there's serious acceleration going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8-seconds, stemming from 400 hp. Swedish crystal adorns the shifter, as well as other accoutrements in the available trims of Volvo S90 Recharge R-Design and Volvo S90 Recharge Inscription.

Begin the Purchase, Lease Process from Home in Sunnyvale

Volvo Cars Palo Alto has enabled clientele to utilize several online shopping tools from the comfort of home or office. From the online finance application and the "value your trade" portal, all angles toward Volvo plug-in hybrid acquisition are at your personal disposal. In this, a streamlined Volvo experience.

So, contact us today, or visit our local Redwood City area dealership to test drive Volvo hybrid SUVs and wagons.